When Individuals decide to build success as a Team !

Development of High Potentials in Operations

Improvement of the LOR (Level of Relationship with a Customer)

Programs focused on New Business Potential

Big Deals qualification and « GO/NOGO » process

« TurnAroundAccount » Workshops & Resilience Plan

Building/Monitoring a Channel Partner Joint Business Plan

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ARALMA SERVICES was designed to develop the skills of Sales people, selling Products and Services to large Accounts, to better manage their business portfolio and achieve results according to established plans. We help the Managers to develop and protect the Human Capital of their Teams. With our methodology we help our clients to reach their goals faster (See our "RTTS" page).

We are providing the services with 100% Satisfaction.
If the predefined objectives or KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) are not reached, then no payment is due!
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Our Services Portfolio

Development of High Potentials in Operation

Improvement of « LOR » (Level Of Relationship)

Programs focused on New Business Potential

Big deals Qualification and « GO/NOGO » process

« TurnAroundAccount » & Resilience Workshops

Building/Monitoring a Partner Account Business Plan